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Why An Ethical Inspector?

If you are like most people, your home will be one of the most important investments in your life. And the biggest problems that can affect the value of this investment are usually not the ones that can be easily seen. So you want someone advising you that you know you can trust. By choosing an Ethical Inspector, you can be assured that you have found an advisor who brings extensive training, excellent communication skills, and a commitment to the adherence to a strict code of ethics.


To be an Ethical Inspector, a home inspection must complete extensive training programs and receive certifications for all aspects of home inspection. Plus to remain an Ethical Inspector, the home inspector must participate in on-going educational programs to remain current on the latest codes, technologies, and techniques.


Effective communication, both verbally and through written reports, is a critical part of the home inspection process. Ethical Inspectors bring a dedication to customer service that includes clear and honest communication with all parties involved in the home inspection process.


Maybe most important of all, Ethical Inspectors must agree to conduct their business in accordance with a strict code of ethics. Failure to adhere to this code of ethics will result in the removal of the inspector from being an Ethical Inspector.

So why do you want only and Ethical Inspector advising you for your home investment? It is for the benefits that you receive by virtue of the training, communication skills, and commitment to a strict code of ethics that they bring you.