Choosing your Home Inspector is one of the most important decisions you will make during the purchase of your home. A quality Home Inspector will find any potential problems with your new home.
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East Bay Property Inspections
California, Oakland

3117 Linden Street
Oakland California 94608

Service Areas
Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco

Services Offered
Structure: We perform a thorough inside and outside inspection of the foundation, crawl space, block and poured concrete basements Roof: The type, style, layers, quality of installation and more are checked. Drainage: Inadequate or reverse drainage cause most water related problems. Proper gutters and downspouts are another important part of moisture control. Electrical: We check for double tapping, undersized wiring, open wiring, undersized services and more. Plumbing: Water flow, water pressure and adequate drainage are just the start of our plumbing inspection. Heating & Cooling: We look at the age, condition and safety of each unit.. In most cases, these items are the most often used appliances in the house. Ventilation: Attic ventilation and insulation play an important role in moisture, condensation, roof life and so much more . Often over looked, we consider a homes ventilation system the lungs of the building and a vital element of a homes survival.

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Phone 510-903-9516
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